The family at Stonehenge

Hello! My name is Stacy. I’m a wife, mom, nurse and self-proclaimed miles and points addict. If we have spent any time together in the past couple of years, chances are we have talked about travel and miles and points. After getting so many inquiries from friends & coworkers on what credit cards they should get next I decided to start this blog to help families learn how to travel more for less by using miles and points.

We are a family of six that loves to travel. My husband, who travels almost weekly for work, must really love me because somehow I can convince him to get back on a plane during his time off. Our family is transitioning as our kids are entering their next stages in life. Our oldest, Blakely just got married in September. She owns a small shop in Oklahoma City (Bison Shop) and still goes on some of our trips with us. Our second child Brady is 19 and just started his freshman year of college. Our third, Cade is 17 and in his senior year of high school. He joined the Marines and will head to boot camp next summer. I’m trying to convince him to go on one more big trip with us before he goes! Our youngest (the surprise baby) Payton is 9 years old, in the 4th grade and loves to travel as much as her mom.

The Fabulous Four

Although travel with older kids is a lot easier (our stroller, car seat and diaper bag days are long over), it is still expensive! We have discovered over the past few years that we can offset the most expensive part of travel (flights and hotels) by using miles and points earned primarily with credit card sign up bonuses. Our mission is to show you that travel with kids can be fun and it can be done on a budget! We’ll share our travel stories with you both past and present and show you how using miles and points to fly and stay in hotels can cut your travel budget by more than half. SinceĀ 2014 we’ve traveled to Europe three times, Asia once and we’ve visited over 22 states! If we’re not traveling, we’re planning our next trip. Hope you’ll follow along!